Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Yours Clothing Review - Ponte Jeggings

I really should have bothered to blow dry my hair, but sometimes you just gotta be like "fuck it, it's the weekend". Wearing: @yoursclothinguk ponte jeggings, Kmart Pink Floyd tee and Payless shoes. Coloured hair tips by Hybrid Hair Pennant Hills.

Recently Yours Clothing sent me a few items to review (see my last review here). I've been trying to get some wear out of my items before I post about them - just in case something faded dramatically or become misshapen after washing. Luckily its been smooth sailing so far! Up for review today are these black ponte stretch jersey trousers ($53 AUD).

Not as slim as their actual jeggings, these pants are still relatively figure hugging and modern. They have jean-style details and the traditional button & zip fastening. These are a great autumn/winter pant seeing as they aren't too thick. I wouldn't wear these in an Australian summer - but would happily layer them in winter.

Look guys, no jacket! I'm letting the guns be free. It's taken me a long time to be 100% comfortable while exposed, but it was worth the work. Being comfortable in your own skin is ALWAYS worth the effort. I mean, people already know I'm fat - a black car

I've paired my ponte jeggings with this wicked Pink Floyd top I picked up from Kmart for $15 a couple of months ago (bargain) and some Payless shoes. It was a great market day outfit and perfect for comfortable errand running. You may notice that I did get a bit of muffin top in these pants, but after an hour of wear it kinda disappeared as the pants stretched to fit my body better. And you know, I HAVE muffin top, so its not all the pants fault...

Weekend outfit! I spent the weekend at @icurvy's house and totally stole her outfit background. I'm wearing my pink Floyd top from Kmart, shoes from Payless and the new ponte jeggings from Yours Clothing (gifted) which I'll be reviewing on the blog this w


Fit - I'm wearing a size 18. I found these fitted at the top, although a little more loosely after wearing them for an hour or more, and were more roomy around the calves/ankles. These would be great for someone who likes a mix between straight cut and skinny fit. I bought a similar pair from City Chic last season which had a similar fit. I would describe these as a 16/18 in vanity sizing and a 20 in regular sizing (using Target's mainstream range as a reference).

Feel - These are made out of a medium thickness fabric that feel pretty comfortable. Much more comfortable than regular jeans and most jeggings, but less comfortable than leggings. The button fastening can dig into your belly a bit if you are sitting for long periods but for our trip out to the farmers markets they were fine. 

Style - Like I mentioned above, these are a mix between a straight cut and a skinny. I personally prefer a skinny fit that hugs my ankles more, but I know there are a lot of women who prefer the extra ankle room. These don’t look like jeans, but they do make a good smart casual pair of black pants.

Value - $53 AUD (+ £10 for international shipping). You would find a similar item for about $40-$70 at local retailers, so for that reason they are neither good nor bad value. If you LOVE them, its worth the cost - but if you just like them I would recommend waiting until sale time or purchasing with other items you love to take advantage of combined shipping.

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