Sunday, 28 June 2015

Spin the Pin - All About Pastels

It's all pastels today for @icurvy's June #spinthepin challenge. Wearing: Cool Gal Blue pants & studded ombré jumper I swapped with iCurvy.

So if you follow iCurvy's website or Instagram account, you will know she is running a new monthly fashion challenge called 'Spin the Pin'. Every month she picks an outfit picture from Pinterest and you have to write a post on your website (or just use the IG tag #spinthepin) showing how you've interpreted the pin to suit your own body, wardrobe and budget.  The pins include different age groups, styles and sizes (plus, inbetweenie and standard size).

I like the idea, and it has been really interesting to see what pieces and colour palettes people use to take inspiration from a picture. So in honour of my first entry, I've decided to wear this jumper I swapped with iCurvy at our plus size swap a few months ago. I love the metal spike shoulder detail – I call it my anti-sleeper weapon to combat those annoying people on the train who decide your shoulder looks too comfortable to pass up. To match this months pastel themed pin (see the original here) I added these awesome new turquoise pants I bought from Cool Gal blue. They are seriously good pants. They have a nice v-shaped top that doesn’t give you muffin top and they're completely opaque so you don't need to be worried about bending over.

I paired this outfit with a white shoulder bag and ballet flats. It was a great outfit for running errands , and people kept commenting on my spiked shoulders... I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but I'm just rolling with it!

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jacquiak said...

Hi there, forgive the slightly irritating qu - but what app do you use to take your outfit photos with? I love the blurred background while still having your outfit so sharp. Did you have to select/outline your figure? Just curious :)
Stumbled on your blog after following a link from curvy and always after fashion ideas for curvy ladies (Tho I'm in the West). Hava great weekend! Jacqui