Saturday, 8 November 2014

Aussie Curves – Skirt


Hello my lovelies! Yes, I am back! I will do a full post on what happened with my brothers surgery and what the outlook for the future is later in the week, but for now – lets talk skirts. 
I know a lot of the Aussie Curves girls are doing iCurvy's Shop What You Got challenge, so I wanted to focus my post on how to get the most use out of your items. 

The weather is heating up here in Australia and we have been suffering through some ridiculously hot days. Skirts are the obvious answer to the heat, but if you are like me you get some serious thigh chaffing which is enough to make you want to saw off your own legs. My answer to this is simple – thin shapewear. The kind that look like shorts but suck in all your wobbly bits. They are my holy grail item when wearing skirts. Obviously they are fairly long (about halfway down the thigh) so a pencil skirt is ideal.  

Today's work outfit is easy semi-corporate. Because it's hot and I was feeling super lazy! Pencil skirt by #Kmart ($15), white top from #boohooplus ($15), cardigan from #glassons ($30) and shoes from #rubishoes ($20).

The first outfit (above) was an ensemble I wore to work. Its perfect for a 'corporate yet easy' feel not to mention comfortable and simple. The combo of fitted pencil skirt and loose top is a killer work look – so sexy and yet somehow appropriate. I always drape a cardigan over my shoulders when wearing a sleeveless shirt - it reduces the amount of skin showing on my arms but also is terribly necessary when you enter the office and its suddenly freezing!

I’m wearing: grey polka dot cardigan from Glassons, white cowl neck top from Boohoo Plus, black pencil skirt from Kmart and black slip on flats from Rubi Shoes.  

Tartan is totally fashionable right? RIGHT?   Wearing: white top by #boohooplus // tartan skirt by #citychiconline // cardigan by #glassons // shoes by #rubishoes // nail colour is #raspberryrush by #colorclub.

Another work outfit: black cardigan from Glassons, white cowl neck top from Boohoo Plus, red tartan skirt from City Chic and black slip on flats from Rubi Shoes. Using the same top and shoes makes this outfit versatile for those with either limited wardrobe options (my ladies on a budget!) or anyone doing Shop What You Got.
Outfit of the day from the weekend - I was busy drinking tequila and being hungover so I forgot to upload it!   Wearing: navy cardigan by #glassons // geometric pencil skirt by #target #targetoutfit // nail colour is 'Ruby Tuesdat' by #kesterblack for #be

Finally to take this outfit style from workday to weekend, skip the shirt and knot your cardigan around the waist. Showing a little skin makes it sexy, so embrace the crop style! I’m wearing: navy cardigan from Glassons, geometric skirt from Target and black slip on flats from Rubi Shoes.

For more skirt inspiration, check out the other babes participating this week!


Jacqueline Stewart said...

nice tips and I love the cardigan draped over the shoulders style - very sandy from grease :D

Meagan Kerr said...

I absolutely LOVE this style of skirt on you Sunny - the pencil skirt is very va va voom and you rock it! xM

yELLE Styling said...

I LOVE that geometric skirt on you!

Brianna Probert said...

My heart just skipped a beat at the first glance.......I just fell in love with that geo-tribal skirt design. And oh that astounding blue cardigan. The contrast of this two filled my heart with rococo......I would surely give it a you dear!!!!!