Sunday, 24 August 2014

Aussie Curves - Everyday Style

My #everydaystyle post for #aussiecurves this week! I've been lazy and kept forgetting to take a picture, but here is my Friday outfit, planned for the weather (cold as fuck) and my work today (cabling & being an IT badass). Outfit details in the comments

Welcome to a new year of Aussie Curves! I was lucky enough to help decide a couple of the challenges this year, so I hope you enjoy the new list :) I'm personally really looking forward to a new year of challenges - I love seeing how other women style their closets.

I have been quiet due to hospital commitments, and my style has been less than glamorous. When spending your free time sitting in uncomfortable hospital chairs, you generally go low-key haha. I will also admit my work outfits have been leaning towards the casual side too - lots of comfortable ensembles in shades of neutral. But with summer just over the horizon, I am hoping shedding layers will help with achieving a more polished look. But only time will tell!

What I'm Wearing: City Chic Letterman jacket // Dorothy Perkins Eden jeggings in Oxblood // 17 Sundays layering tank in Black // Black jumper - brand unknown. Not pictured: Kmart glitter kicks.

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christine dyer said...

I love the oxblood jeggings and jeans they also make a simple outfit look better! Kicking myself I didn't get the ones I was eyeing on ASOS a while back