Sunday, 22 June 2014

Aussie Curves – Denim

Every few years denim would come back into my life. I’d decide that this year was the year that I would buy a great pair of jeans and wear them all winter with boots & soft jumpers. Unfortunately, reality had other ideas.

My body shape is just not made for classic denim. I have a huge pair of hips, a round bum and a smaller waist. All these factors make for uncomfortable denim. The buttons and top band would always dig into my lower stomach when hipsters were in fashion. Then high waisted came back & I gave them a shot. But it would give me a weird ‘mum jeans’ look. I just couldn't win, so I would give up again and again.

Aussie curves denim

Then I joined Aussie Curves & bought the Eden Jeggings. It was love. Finally a pair that had enough stretch, weren't too thick (this is Australia, land of heatwaves) and actually fit over my butt. I now have 5 pairs in my closet which get a decent amount of wear.

Early this year I jumped into a new way of denim living – the chambray shirt. All the other AC babes were rocking out their double denim & chambray shirts and I was super hesitant. I’m not a lover of the denim jacket… and I thought the chambray shirt would look silly on me. But when I saw Best & Less had a sale which included their Chambray shirt I thought “what the heck!” and bought one.

In love with my new lace up ankle boots from #rubishoes @rubi_shoes. My new winter staple. So comfortable I've been wearing them non-stop!
My new favourite shoes!
I can honestly say I am a convert. I have been loving wearing my chambray shirt tied up 50’s style with a high waisted pair of tights and a crop singlet. It’s gone on reasonably high rotation in my closet, much to my surprise. To me it perfectly demonstrates how ridiculous it is to dislike a fashion without actually trying it on. I had the same problem with peplums & now I own 4 of them. The lesson here: don’t rule anything out until it is literally on your body!

What I’m Wearing:
Chambray shirt - Best & Less // White singlet - Target // Black pants - Target // Black boots - Rubi Shoes (buy them here).
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Jacqueline Stewart said...

a very nice and simple denim post, I think those jeggings are amazing! and I'm glad you've come to love your new shirt.

Kobi Jae said...

This is a heaps cute outfit! Total proof not to rule anything out. Also, DEM BOOTS! I think I need a pair :)

Melissa {Suger} said...

You look great Sunny! And I love jeggings almost as much as I love my chambray shirt. Jeans don't really fit me well either with my flat butt and wide waist. Thank goodness for jeggings indeed. :D

Spijkerkat said...

Love this outfit, shirt looks super cute worn like that!

Ali said...

I bloody love a good chambray shirt. it's what I always turn to in spring when it's still a bit cold but I'm sick of wearing cardigans. I've only got light coloured ones but that picture if you has me really wanting a darker colour! it looks great!