Saturday, 28 June 2014

Aussie Curves - Date Night

Aussie curves - date night

What I’m Wearing: The Erin dress by The LBD Boutique. I love this dress - it is soft, comfortable and effortlessly chic. I'm wearing it without shape wear in this picture - and I love that it doesn't cling too much to my jiggly bits! 

Date night. It’s something we do a lot. Even before I met Dale it was something I did an awful lot of. To put it bluntly, it’s kinda my jam. I love to wear sexy outfits and flirty dresses with the idea of enticing a partner. It’s a thrill and I used to absolutely adore getting ready for a night out as a single lady. These days I am expected to be a little more discreet, but I still like to dress up. Just, perhaps, slightly more ‘grown up’ than my previous self!

I love dating. It’s super fun if you do it with great people. And even if you have to do it sometimes with boring or ridiculous people it is fun to laugh about afterwards with your sisters/parents/BFF’s. I have oh-so-many dating stories that I could probably write a book – but let’s face it, my parents would be the only ones who bought it and that would only be to see what I have been leaving out of the ‘parent friendly’ version of my stories.

One of the often laughed about stories within my family is when I accidentally dated a stripper.

We met at a random bar type establishment in the city. I was there with a couple of new friends who ended up being quite lame that evening… they literally sat there and glared at anyone who so much as turned in their direction. I was trying to buy a drink when a handsome 20-something guy and I shared a joint eye-roll at the pathetic bar service (seriously, does it take THAT long to put a lime wedge in a diet coke?) and had a laugh. Once I was seated back with my friends he came over and introduced himself. For the sake of this story we will call him Frank*.

Frank was very confident and had a million dollar smile. I was bored to death with my ‘friends’ and decided I’d have fun flirting with him instead. And it was really fun. We laughed about random people in the club – loads of men creeping on to girls that were staying in groups to avoid them – and generally about the bar scene. In retrospect he didn't really talk much about himself. He mentioned that he worked at an airport during the day (like, the luggage carriers who load a plane or something like that…) and that he had a couple of diplomas but no real direction in life. I sympathised, being in the same sort of situation of blindly moving from one project to the next.

We spent a couple hours chatting and laughing before my friends decided it was time to go. I’m not the kind who enjoys tempting fate so I left with them (hey, he could TOTALLY have been a murderer) and eventually jumped in a taxi home. Before I left he asked me for my number and we shared some silly texts back and forth that night.

A day or so later he asked to meet up again. I thought “Why not?” I mean, he wasn't really my type (I like my men witty & nerdy) but he was tall & handsome. He also seemed fairly easy to get along with. We had coffee with a similar outcome – a good time was had and we went home separately. I did give him a bit of a pash at the end, but that was it. Date number 2 went fairly similarly, we went to a restaurant for dinner and did some more pashing afterwards (oh to be young and single again!).

Date #3 (aka the fourth time we met up, about 2-3 weeks after the initial meet) was where things went comically awry. Well, for me anyway. We saw a scary movie – insert flirty hand holding and hiding behind strong male arms – then went to grab coffee. Whilst sitting in the café sipping my hot chocolate, someone he knows comes over and says hi. He introduces me and they have a quick light hearted conversation before the friend says bye and we get back to important discussions about whether someone would actually bother wearing a mask when about to brutally murder a group of demographically diverse college students. The next part goes as follows:

Frank: Hey, Sunny, I want to tell you something.

Sunny: Well, if it’s an invitation to go to a secluded cabin in the woods with your favourite hockey mask, I’ll have to politely decline. (insert laughter – this is a date after all, we ARE still trying to impress each other).

Frank: Actually it’s about my job. I have 2 of them. *he smiles (gorgeously) and I start wondering if this constitutes a “third date” if you know what I mean*

Frank: The guy who said hi was actually someone I used to work with. He’s a stripper.

Sunny: Wow, I bet he has heaps of stories. Where did you work together?

Frank: Man Power. (For those who don’t know, Man Power is a male stripper group here in Australia. They’re pretty popular with bachelorette parties etc.)

Sunny: *laughter* Oh my god, really?? (I thought maybe he was a bartender there… I’m so naïve!)

Frank: Ah yeah…. I strip a couple days a week to supplement my income.

Sunny: Oh, that explains the weeknight date thing we have going on…
I suddenly realised why all our dates were on weeknights. I had just thought he was perhaps saving the weekends for friends or other dates. Also, why such a nice attractive man is still single…

Frank: Haha yeah…. Listen. I know it makes a lot of women uncomfortable. But you could come down and see me strip or I could just not talk about it – whatever you prefer. I am looking for someone who is supportive though as I really don’t want to stop stripping, it’s an easy way to earn a good living.

Sunny: Oh um, OK. I guess I’d have to think about it…

We had a good evening (and a bit more kissing because DAMN that boy cut a nice shape) and in the end I didn't see him again. It wasn't solely the stripper thing (because to be honest I thought it was pretty funny) but the combo of a few things. I wasn't crazy about him, I liked spending weekends with my boyfriends – I don’t need more excuses to stay up late on a work night – and I had to laugh any time I thought about what our life would be like together…. I oil him up before shows, I count the bills from his g-string after shows hahaha. Comical, yet so far from where I saw myself!

Eventually (about a year later) I went on the best first date ever with Dale and my life was set an a different course. I still like to look back on these funny events I was a part of and giggle to myself. Oh what a life Sunny & Frank The Stripper could have had!

*Name was changed because it’s not nice to kiss and tell. Or something like that… I don’t know, I’m not much for modesty in dating… but I wish I had found out his stripper name. In my mind it was something like ‘Jack Hammer’ or ‘Ace’ hahaha.   

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Jojo Curvy said...

Oh Sunny- this is hillarious!! I love it - and love that dress on you too x

Jacqueline Stewart said...

Ha yeh, dating stories. I love hearing them, and telling them. Lovely dress and I love the pastel tips of your hair. x

Meagan Kerr said...

I hear ya lady, I could write a book on my dating experiences too!

I love that dress, it' so simple yet elegant. xo

Melissa {Suger} said...

Loooove this wrap dress on you. Gorgeous.

Dating stories are THE BEST. There's always so much comedy gold. So much trauma and drama t the time too, of course, but in the end it all makes for some fabulous stories!

SpijkerKat said...

that dress looks amazing on you & that was an awesome story!