Friday, 4 April 2014

Aussie Curves - Green

So I bought this ASOS sequin dress for the Melbourne Curvettes meet up at Melbourne Fashion Week, but my carpet was spotted with sequins after 10 minutes wear. Not to mention I woke up with tiny sequins stuck to my body Haha. So now having second thoughts

Green week couldn't be anything but this amazing green sequin dress from ASOS. I originally bought it to wear to our Melbourne Aussie Curves meet up before the Curvy Couture Roadshow event last weekend but at the last minute I became devastatingly sick and couldn't make it to Melbourne. I was just so crushed, but I have thoroughly enjoyed all the pictures on Instagram using the #aussiecurves tag.

I’m thinking it will make a perfect wedding rehearsal dinner dress or hens night dress. It is a show stopper so would be better suited for a night where I am required to be the center of attention! I also think it would be PERFECT as a new year’s eve dress so that might be on the cards too.

Originally I saw this dress for something like $160 and it was wayyyy too pricey for me… especially considering the limited wear it would get. I mean, a girl can’t just rock up to her 9-5 desk job in a low cut sequin dress! But with the recent sales I managed to score it for $60 and was one happy lady at getting $100 off.

I was a bit nervous buying this dress because it’s a straight size 18 and I was worried it wouldn't fit. Little did I know it would actually be too loose in some areas (win!) and fit snugly around my backside and my arms (my two biggest problem areas when it comes to straight sizes).

I think I will style it with just plain black heels and some gold bangles. It is the kind of dress that doesn't need much added to it! Do you have a ‘special occasion’ dress sitting in your closet waiting for the right moment? Tell me about it in the comments!


mandyvs42 said...

Stunning dress!

mandyvs42 said...

Stunning dress!

Jacqueline Stewart said...

I long for the day when a girl can rock up to here 9 to 5 wearing that... it's so so so amazing! And I'm sorry (once again) you got ill and missed the trip to Melbourne.
I love the emerald color on this dress, it's, you know, the exact right shade of green! :D

SpijkerKat said...

This dress is just so freaking fabulous!!

Kobi Jae said...

I am in SERIOUS dress heaven. This is DIVINE! <3

Meagan Kerr said...

Mermaid dress! *swoon*