Thursday, 20 March 2014

Scarf Love

OK so by now you probably realise that I really like scarves. I don’t have many (probably about 5 at a time) but I wear them to death. My blue and lime green scarves were both bought at an airport over 5 years ago and still have a place in my closet.

As a busty woman, its hard for me to stick to a company dress code. I find almost any high cut top accentuates my chest and non-turtle necks always show some amount of cleavage. So the scarf comes to my rescue. I can wear a lower cut top (which on a regular woman is just a top!) and a scarf on top so that my breasts are covered to some degree. During summer this idea gets thrown out the window, but Autumn, Winter & Spring it is a life saver for me.

In celebration of the humble scarf, I present you the ones I currently have in my wardrobe rotation! (and where I got them from).  

Pink tips 4
Sequin Grey Scarf from Forever New

Work ootd
Pink Leopard Print Scarf from Kmart

Aussie curves - double take
Purple Sparrow Snood from ASOS

Today's OOTD is brought to you by all this goddamn summer rain!! But had to include the new wallet!
Lime Shawl/Scarf bought from a stall at Sydney Qantas Domestic Terminal.

I am still in love with this scarf I bought for $5 at Kmart ❤️
Rainbow Animal Print Scarf from Kmart

Do you have a scarf addiction like me? Or another wardrobe vice? Let me know in the comments!

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