Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Pink Hair, Don't Care!

Pink hair is back! Probably for the last time before the wedding, but I'm still toying with the idea of going all pink for the honeymoon.... Then Dale can find me easily in crowds haha

That's right, my pink tips are back! It took the last ones 4 months to almost fade completely, so this is probably the last time I will get a chance to do it until after the wedding. I left the dye (Schwarzkopf Ultra Brights in Shocking Pink) in for 5 minutes on the bottom, then worked it through the mid sections for another five minutes before rinsing it all out. I had my roots done by my hairdresser the day before so I was working with a clean palette - it always looks better when my hair is freshly blonded (totally a word).

When I first dyed my hair pink I had no idea I would love it so much. I have a very pale look – fair skin, blonde hair, fair eyes so the bright and pastel pinks give my face a lot more colour and interest. I am still tossing up going all over pink for the honeymoon – but at the same time I'm nervous! I guess I'm worried it will look bad, or make my hair dry.... But the older I get the more I realise that sometimes you just need to jump in and take a leap of faith.

You may also notice that I'm sans acrylic nails. Every year or so, I try to take a few weeks off, for both my budget and to let my nails 'breathe'. But I read this article on xoJane and had to agree with the points. So my nails will be back again shortly, and I’m very glad! My natural nails are very soft (even though they have completely grown out now) and they peel a hell of a lot. Polish chips in a matter a hours so I find myself having to paint my nails every night.

But in the interest of full disclosure, here are a list of things I will miss about natural nails:
  • Being able to type quickly on my iPhone & iPad. Its nice not trying to use my finger pad to hit the tiny buttons haha.
  • Not making annoying clicking noises when I type.
  • Being easier to play Star Craft because I can hit my hot keys a bit better! (for those that don’t know, I play on an Australian eSports team called Dunning Kruger Gaming).

But I can learn to work around these, plus with acrylics I can open cans & touch hot things better. So it balances in the end!

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