Wednesday, 19 March 2014

OOTD - Stripes!

Today's outfit - it's colder than yesterday but goddamn is it humid! #aussiecurves

Sydney has been experiencing some weird weather lately. It's hot one day & freezing the next. This outfit was my way of dealing with those two extremes. It was hot, so regular pants seemed like too much - that's right, this was one of the days I committed what people see as a huge fashion crime - wearing leggings as pants. AND I LOVED IT. haha. I did wear a long top over it so its not as shocking, but I do get a certain satisfaction from doing things that are inappropriate haha.

What I'm Wearing: ASOS Curve black leggings // Seafolly beach cover-up // Target Belt // ASOS crop top in pink.

This was just a great running-around outfit. The crop top underneath meant I didn't overheat and the sea folly cover up seems to stay cool no matter what is going on. I bought most of these pieces years ago and I get so much joy from the re-use of them all this time later!


Kim-Marie from Kimba Likes said...

I do love being able to shop my own wardrobe. So satisfying isn't it!

I'm not usually a fan of leggings worn as pants but this totes works - and looks fab!

It's the people who wear opaque tights as leggings as pants who terrify me!

Welcome on board at Wardrobe Wednesday! xx

Jojo Curvy said...

Love that top Sunny. Hot hot hot as always x

Mystery Case said...

I really need to start shopping my own wardrobe. Rather than having an event and racing out to the SALES and adding to the chaos. I've just started a LBD 52 ways challenge, so I'm hoping to use accessories from my existing collection (yes I have that many) to style the dress 52 ways.