Tuesday, 11 March 2014

OOTD & My New Wallet!

Today's OOTD is brought to you by all this goddamn summer rain!! But had to include the new wallet!

Sydney has been having some super weird weather at the moment. One day it's blistering heat, the next it's constant rain. It makes it really difficult to dress sensibly (first world problems, am I right?). But alas, having a regular 9-5 means I can't just stay home in my pajamas. No matter how much I might want to!

So for this outfit I went for versatility. I wore my jeggings which keep me warm and yet aren't too thick. I paired it with a light v-neck jumper and a scarf. If it warms up I can always just ditch the scarf & push up my sleeves. If it's cold I just add a pair of gloves.

What I'm Wearing: Dorothy Perkins Eden Jeggings in Teal // Black Supre jumper // Lime scarf from a Sydney airport vendor // Grey Kilty Minnetonka Moccasins (most comfortable shoes in the world) bought from Style Tread// Wallet by Laura Jones.

Bought a new wallet at lunch! #stradbags were having a sale

I picked up this gorgeous wallet from Stradbags last week on sale for $14 thanks to a tiny scratch. I love the leather weave chevron pattern! Not to mention it's just a really well laid out wallet. I don't like wallets that are too bulky, I want to be able to find things quickly and easily.

Anyway, that is what I'm wearing! I hope Dorothy Perkins bring back their Teal jeggings as mine are almost dead. And they really are a gorgeous colour. I can't wait for my four new pairs to arrive!

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