Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Bao Dao Taiwanese Kitchen, Chatswood

Bao Dao Chatswood pork buns

Good Food's Sydney top eats for under $5 this year included the tiny BaoDao Taiwanese Kitchen. Packed away in a random location in Chatswood, BaoDao’s pork buns received rave reviews. I love Asian food. It is one of the reasons I love Chatswood – it has such amazing food for reasonable prices & all close to my office. With as much Asian cuisine as I had tried over the last 10 years, I had never actually had any Taiwanese food! I just hadn't discovered any Taiwanese restaurants close to me and had never intentionally sought them out. But, that all changed this week.

Bao Dao Chatswood pork buns and pork with rice.

My friend Gav & I read about its awesomeness and decided that Thursday was the day we went searching for this restaurant. And oh boy, is it tiny! It’s located right next to the cinema entrance of Chatswood Westfield, and probably only seats about 30 people. We were ushered into a back corner table and given the menu. We both ordered a pork bun (after all, that’s why we were there!) and the sticky rice with pork at the counter (you pay upfront) and it was brought out to us in less than 10 minutes. Both were excellent. I can see why the pork buns get rave reviews! At only $4.50 a pop, the pork buns were super flavourful and melt in your mouth tender. The sticky rice with pork ($6.50) was also brilliant, with great flavours and had a real comfort food feel to it. We ate both dishes happily and walked away full.

Custard puff from Chatswood markets

If you still have room, you can also buy a sweet dessert from their market stall (usually located outside the ANZ bank) on Thursdays and Fridays. They come in all sorts of flavours (I’ve only tried the custard and chocolate – both tasty) and at only $2 they are a bargain. But be warned – they taste best warm, so eat them right away!

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