Thursday, 6 March 2014

Aussie Curves - Valentines Day (Catch Up)

Valentines day this year was spent at my brothers 18th birthday party (looking after drunk teenagers is not exactly romantic haha). But still a good excuse to break out my Monif C Marilyn ruched convertible dress!

Unfortunately for me my brothers 18th birthday was on Valentine’s Day this year. We were required to chaperone teenagers at his birthday party (all 100 of them… sigh…) and it was a less than romantic setting! It was, however, a great excuse to break out my Monif C Marilyn Ruched Convertible Dress. I bought this dress for my engagement party last year and it did cost me more than I usually spend on a dress, so I was indeed happy to get another chance to wear it!

We did pop out to our local Indian restaurant (Indian Fusion - seriously, it’s the best Indian on the north shore) for some Valentine’s Day celebrations earlier n the week and we had a great time...  they had Brazilian dancing girls for entertainment and we had a laugh when I was made to stand up and shake my butt with them. I shake it quite well, if I do say so myself!

A better look at my #Monifc Marilyn dress!

For us, Valentines is just another day. If we had kids or rarely saw each other it would probably be more of a thing, but because we are childfree and spend all our time together anyway – we just go out whenever we want. The only limitation is our wallets, and I really like that about our life. We are free to jump on a plane or take a weekend away whenever we get the motivation to go. That freedom is everything to us. We love our families and their kids, but it’s just not for us. We are very happy with the roles of aunt & uncle and intend to keep it that way!

What I wore: Monif C Marilyn Ruched Convertible Dress // Target glitter black shrug // Mollini Black Leather Heels // Prouds earrings // Phone case by Colette Hayman // Nail polish is ‘Warhol’ by Color Club.

PS. Please excuse the mirror marks! I was at my parents house & half way through the night when I finally realised I hadn't taken an outfit picture!

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murphy scanlon said...

I love this dress! Monif C has some seriously gorgeous stuff!
I adore that you mentioned how easy your relationship is and that you have the freedom to do fun things whenever you like! I actually find that I struggle to "identify" with a lot of blogs I've been seeing because they're all married with kids or whatever. It's nice to see people who have a similar lifestyle to me :)