Monday, 10 March 2014

Aussie Curves - Second Hand

Work ootd

Second hand is an 'interesting' interpretation for this outfit. I bought this graphic Glassons cardigan &  these black Eden jeggings as a gift for a friend overseas. We're the same size and I thought "If they fit me, then they'll fit her".... well clearly that was the wrong idea because I ended up keeping them..... I know. Worst friend ever. If its any consolation, I bought her some other stuff and sent those. But these were staying in my closet.

And almost 6 months later, they are still there. The only difference being that after all the constant wear my black jeggings are more of a dark gray thanks to fading. But the plus side is it did prompt me to buy 4 new pairs (black, oxblood, green & berry) this week. I'm pretty excited! For years I didn't wear jeans because they never fit just right but after discovering these jeggings I can comfortably say i'm now a jean-friendly lady.

This cardigan is also one of my favourites. I didn't realise when I bought it how popular the graphic prints would be, I just knew I liked it. It's definitely one of those fashion wins when you discover that you already own the next seasons trends. It doesn't happen to me often, so I'm pretty stoked when it does! Lately I have been wearing this jacket around my shoulders in a preppy style, but I'm looking forward to Winter so I can start wearing it as a cardigan again!

What I'm Wearing: Glassons cardigan // Dorothy Perkins Eden Jeggings // Kmart sequin blue flats // Target black singlet.

In this picture I'm wearing a Target reversible singlet (its V-neck on one side and round neck on the other). Can I just say - I am SO sad that they stopped making these!! Their new singlets are too high cut for me, and always ride up my body during the day. I really hope these come back! If you see them at your local target, please let me know!


kathy said...

You look amazing! I love this outfit you could wear it anywhere it looks stylish and comfy as well ☺☺

SpijkerKat said...

Love your interpretation of "Second hand" - really must try those jeggings sometime, they look so good on you!

Meagan Kerr said...

This is such a great outfit! I'm glad you kept it because it looks amazing on you. Also, I think you've inspired me to try some jeggings on...


Natalie Mulford said...

I realllly need to try these leggings, I have such a hard time with pants, but I've heard wonderful things about them!