Monday, 17 March 2014

Aussie Curves - Picnic

Kmart $15 purple maxi dress

OK lets be straight – most of the Curvettes will probably wear skirts for their picnic posts this week. Because society tells us that a picnic is a lady-like affair filled with petticoats and cupcakes. But a picnic with a shorter skirt usually involves a lot of awkward sitting positions (trying not to expose yourself to the other attendees) and praying to the weather gods that it will be a wind-less day.

For me, that situation is easily avoided by wearing a comfortable, machine washable maxi dress. No amount of wind will blow it up past my knickers, no awkward sitting positions will be experienced & any grass that attaches itself after I’ve been lying in the sun all day will easily be washed off (or will be detached by a vigorous pat down thanks to Dale haha).

This maxi dress is one I picked up for $15 at Kmart. It’s comfortable, stretchy & soft. You can dress it up or dress it down and at the end of the day you can throw it in the washing machine/dryer without worrying that it will be destroyed.

Kmart have really been hitting the mark with their clothing ranges lately. I have filled my wardrobe with cheap & easy to wear dresses at such a small cost. It’s so amazing to know that if you are stuck, you can head to Kmart (at 3am no less!) and find a great outfit to carry you through the weekend. To me, that is just the pinnacle of convenience!

What are your picnic attire tips?


SpijkerKat said...

Cute dress!
I totally always wear shorts picnic-ing, I'm awful at sitting lady like!

A Big Girl Now said...

Gorgeous colour Sunny, dresses like this are my favourite pop on comfortable and easy care ❤️

SistersCloset said...

Yes! A maxi is a great alternative to a shorter dress/skirt, or shorts/jeans (for the Mum's out there).

Sunny, I just gotta ask, why no face shot? You are BEAUTIFUL yet you seem to crop your face off outfit photos. Don't.

(Well, do if you really want to, who am I to tell you otherwise, but just a thought)

Sunny said...

SistersCloset you are too sweet! The reason is that the floor space between the bed & mirror is only 1/2 a metre so I physically can't take a picture of my whole body! But hopefully I can do some tricksy camera angles and start capturing my face :)

Kobi Jae said...

Nice call on the maxi! I had the same thought; "to picnic in a skirt?". You look lovely :)

mandyvs42 said...

Great dress on you- love the colour.