Friday, 7 February 2014

One Direction Cupcake Toppers

1D cupcake toppers DIY

Yesterday I showed you the adorable mini rainbow cupcakes I made for my little sister Emma’s 16th birthday. I was very honoured that she asked me to make her cake (or cupcakes rather) as usually our Uruguayan Grandma (who is, like, the best cook ever) makes our cakes and she is fantastic at them. I was very chuffed when Emma said my cupcakes were the only cakes she likes!! So as a surprise I also made her 1D cupcake toppers. She’s a HARDCORE 1D fan so it was kind of a no-brainer! These toppers are so quick & easy - if you have a loved one who is also 1D-adicted this is a great, inexpensive way to gain their favour! Here is how I made them:

You'll need - wooden skewers, 1D symbol printed on paper about 2cm x 2cm (I fit about 15 on each page), paper or craft glue.

To Assemble The Flags:

1. Cut out the 1D symbols in groups of two. Fold the set in half so that 1D shows on both sides. Basically I printed out a page of 1D symbols with 6 symbols in each row, meaning I could make 3 flags from every row as I cut them into sets of 2 symbols. (I realise this part might be hard to decipher, so please feel free to ask questions in the comments!).

2. Glue the inside of the 1D symbols and place the skewer along the fold line, with the flat end near the flag and the pointed end on the bottom (where the skewer will be inserted in the cake).

3. Gently press the 1D paper over the skewer making sure the glue has attached the paper to the stick.

4. Set aside to dry for 15 minutes (longer if you used a lot of glue). All up it took me about 30 minutes to make 25.

5. Place flags in cupcakes & give to a 1D fan!

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