Monday, 10 February 2014

Emma's Birthday Blanket Reveal!

Emma's birthday blanket

If you've been reading for a while you may remember I started Emma's Birthday Blanket about a year ago. We headed to Spotlight so she could pick out her colours (purple & green - so I jokingly call it her Hulk blanket).

Emma's birthday blanket

I started making the blanket using single crochet in a stripe pattern, but I got sort of bored of it really quickly – single crochet blankets take AGES if they are of a decent size. So I unravelled the whole thing & started again - this time making a giant granny square blanket. It took forever to unravel & roll the yarn into balls but I'm really glad I did. The result is a bigger blanket that was quicker to make. Plus, she really loved it! 

Emma's birthday blanket

The next projects on my list are soft toys for my sisters (I made Brianna a unicorn toy, and Emma has asked for a horse) and a donkey for my baby cousin. Fingers crossed I get them all completed on time! (But really, we all know I probably won’t…. That’s just how crochet works in our house!).

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Natalie Mulford said...

Ohhh so gorgeous! I love the colours!