Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Eden Jeggings Review

Eden jeggings

Loads of the Aussie Curves girls have raved about the Eden Jeggings from Dorothy Perkins - they get a great score from the plus size women. I had such bad experiences trying 'jeggings' on in stores - they always looked so fake (like printed tights) plus the fit was never right for me. These are the perils of have a big butt/thigh area and small legs! For those reasons I was understandably hesitant. I asked all my Aussie Curves girls for advice on sizing etc. and they came back in droves to tell me how great the Eden Jeggings were
Bravely, I grabbed my credit card and purchased a pair of black Eden ultra-soft jeggings. Then, I looked at the pricey cost of shipping from the UK to Australia, and added a pair of indigo ones to my shopping cart too. They worked out about $40 a pair, which for me is a good price for pants.

Indigo Eden Jeggings - Size 18 Regular

Cards on the table - I’m not a blue denim kind of woman. The last time I owned blue jeans was 10 years ago (that's right, at SIXTEEN!). I like them on other women, but just can’t bring myself to love them on me. The indigo pair faded REALLY quickly. I followed all the care instructions, washed them only in cold water and still they faded. They are more of a regular jean colour now (instead of a deep dark denim colour) and are still nice and comfortable. I do find I have to pull them up a fair bit as they tend to ride down at the crotch on me... but that probably has more to do with my thighs rubbing together than the make of the pants.

Black Eden Jeggings - Size 18 Regular

Firstly, the black were my favourite. They get a lot of wear in my wardrobe at the moment. Like the indigo pair, they faded a fair bit but I wash mine with Black Wash (a laundry detergent that has a little black dye in it) and that keeps them from fading too much, but after 6 months of frequent wear they are looking a little grey. They are really comfortable and I wear them a hell of a lot - especially during spring when the weather was all over the place. I pair mine with heels or flats and gumboots when it rains. They have enough room for me in the ankle to wear thick socks underneath.

I am 5'4 and they are the right length for me, but if you are more than a couple of inches taller than me you'd want to get the tall pair. The same applies for anyone more than 2 inches shorter than me - get them in petite as they will be way too long.

Overall Opinions:

Pros - I love the thin fabric, they have a great stretch so fit nicely, good sizing as they fit my big bottom & thighs without being too baggy in the calf, the elastic waist band doesn’t look daggy (as some can), the back pockets are real so you aren’t stuck without pockets, I wear them as pants as they look authentic and are not see-through.

Cons - Mine attract lint & hair like it's going out of fashion, they fade a LOT, shipping is fairly expensive to Australia, they wouldn’t be good for very cold weather as they are a thin material, the front pockets are 'faux' pockets and I forget this a lot haha.

Would I re-purchase? Yes. I recently bought the teal pair (what? it was a sale!) and I'm hoping they keep their colour a bit better. For about $40 a pair, they are more expensive than most jeggings, but definitely out perform the others. I found these pants true to size (I am usually an 18 in stretch pants). If you are between sizes I would recommend going down a size as they are stretchy.

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