Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Being Positive

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A couple of years ago a friend asked me how I stayed "so damn positive about everything, all the damn time" (that's a direct quote, she may or may not have been a little drunk at the time...). The question kind of took me by surprise because being positive is not something I made a conscious decision about. It was always just in my nature (the nature vs. nurture debate continues in our house! Rivalled only by the 'let’s play Risk' vs. 'let’s play Pictionary' debate).

These days however, it can be a bit of a different story. I’m still naturally a 'glass half full' person, but there are days when I wake up and think "Fuck this". Granted, those days are in the minority, but at some point I have to get up and think "don’t be a dick Sunny, get your ass in motion" before I get on with my day. I've spent a bit of time soul searching lately as to why my positivity isn’t as overpowering as it was before (although still I'm still unreasonably positive about most things) and I realised that this is probably the first time in my life that I wasn’t facing strong adversity. During my teenage years & my early twenties I dealt with a lot of hurdles like financial worries, family illness and social pressure. 

For some reason when I have something to battle against, I become uber positive without realising it. It's like I am trying to combat the bad stuff with being the most goddamn cheery person in a 100 kilometre radius. But in the last few years, to say that life has been going my way would be a massive understatement. I've been extremely lucky. So I guess I have out-of-work superhero syndrome. The idea that when all the mean streets of Gotham are cleaned up and everyone loves their new crime free city - what does Batman do with his time? Does he just sit around drinking margaritas and re-living past glories? Does he get a desk job? Go on holidays? For me, I think the answer is finding a less personal problem to battle against. At the moment I'm trying to find it through doing charity work, cheering up friends and family & generally trying to be a better person. 

My positive attitude partially stems out of my mentor when I was a teenager telling me "If you think your life will be terrible, then it will be. You get back exactly what you put in". This rang true for me and I've followed it ever since. And hey - it totally worked! I have a life I love with a handsome & loving soon-to-be husband, a family I love dearly and a job I enjoy. The fact that I’m really fucking lucky hasn't escaped me. So I guess for now my goal is just to embrace the fact that I don’t need to battle. Be positive just for the hell of it & to continue to think positive!

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