Friday, 28 February 2014

Aussie Curves - Breaking the Rules (Catch Up)

Shop what you got challenge outfit 1

When it comes to plus size women pretty much everything is breaking some kind of fashion rule. You can’t wear horizontal stripes, you can’t wear tight clothes (or loose clothing for that matter), you can’t wear stilettos, you can’t wear your hair too short or too long…. The rules just go on and on and on. I have no idea who created the rules, but she probably wasn’t plus size. In fact, I doubt she put much thought into it at all. I’m unaware how vertical stripes are meant to make me look slimmer – but they don’t. They just look like me wearing a dress with stripes.

I have a motto that Alex from The Black Chiffon & I agreed was perfect in this situation: fuck flattering. Because aint nobody got time for that! You don’t owe anybody anything – and you certainly don’t have to dress for anyone but yourself. If you feel great, then that is enough.

So for this Aussie Curves (catch up) challenge, I decided there was no point in specifically targeting a ‘plus size’ fashion rule – instead I’ll just tackle a universal one that is seriously being challenged by the current styles hitting the runways. Mixing patterns.

What I’m wearing:
Skirt – checker board skater skirt from Kmart (a steal at only $10!) // Top – Glassons cardigan in black with grey spots (tied at the waist) // Unseen – white singlet top from Target.

I love this outfit. I’ve worn it to the movies, a friend’s house for dinner and a casual coffee date. It’s comfortable, warm (when paired with stockings & boots) and I think it’s pretty sexy for a casual outfit. The only downside is when wearing this skirt I can’t pick up anything on the ground without showing everyone my underwear!

PS. Please ignore the messy bedroom behind me, I took this picture just after we’d moved into our new house & none of our clothes had found their home yet! 


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Michelle said...

Gorgeous little outfit. You look truly adorbs.

Sunny said...

Thanks ladies!