Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Aussie Curves - $50 Outfit (Catch Up)

Kmart onsie

This Aussie Curves catch up gave me a load of options to choose from - budget shopping & I go hand in hand. Whilst I would LOVE to be from a wealthy family or have a really high paying job, I don't. My family is lower-middle class & I've worked a 9-5 grind job for the last 7 years - all these factors making me awesome at budget shopping. I would much rather spend my money on making memories with Dale than expensive clothes. That being said, I do buy expensive clothes when I feel they will be a high-rotation piece that I'll wear regularly.

So for this challenge I wore my Kmart onesie! My new favourite pyjamas (and Sunday wear!) – It is so comfortable! The fabric is thin so it’s summer-friendly & the pattern of clouds, rainbows & lightning strikes are ADORABLE! I can’t tell you have much I love it.

What I’m Wearing: Kmart onesie (size 16/18) $17.

Note: The legs & sleeves are full length, I just prefer to have them pulled up!

Ps. you can also see that my hair colour is finally getting lighter – the bright pink has faded to a really nice pastel pink, and I’m so pleased with it! It’s taken 2 ½ months to get to this colour, so clearly 8 washes was wayyyy off the mark haha.


Alexandra Sherriff said...

I think it's much more playful with the legs at a crop length. You're ADORABLE.

Sunny said...

Me too! It feels less childish somehow (says the woman wearing a rainbow onesie....) haha