Saturday, 9 November 2013

Tea Cup Phone Amplifier

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I don’t know about you guys, but I kind of have a thing for pretty tea cups. I see them & gush all over them, but in reality I don’t ever use them. I prefer my morning coffee in a mug, and tea cups have too much breakage risk (did I mention I'm clumsy?). Lately I had been struggling with a way to display the couple nice tea cups I already have. I don’t like clutter and we have limited shelf space so there really wasn't anywhere I could ‘display’ them as cups. But necessity is the mother of invention as they say (or something like that, I'm terrible at remembering motivational phrases…) and that was definitely true in my situation.

One day I was sitting at my desk and listening to music on my iPhone. Our speakers were playing up so I couldn't listen to anything through the PC (sad face). The problem with my iPhone music is that I like my music LOUD when I'm working, and my phone speakers only go up so high. To fix this I usually just put my phone in a bowl to act as an amplifier, but all our bowls were in the dishwasher (first world problems to the extreme) so I grabbed one of my tea cups and used that. It worked fantastically – plus I found a useful way to display my cup! Once I was done with my iPhone music, I popped all my USB’s in it & my pretty blue tea cup now has pride of place on our desk.

If you have any great ways that you display/use your tea cups, I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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