Thursday, 14 November 2013

Sydney Aquarium Date

Hey lovelies - thought I'd share some pictures with you of our trip to the aquarium! We went to the Sydney Aquarium for our first date so we thought it would be fun to go back for our anniversary.... which was ages ago, but we suck at remembering things!

Sydney aquarium
Getting up close and personal with the baby stingrays!
Glass tunnel Sydney aquarium
In one of the many underwater tunnels - it feels so weird walking on glass floors!
Jellyfish Sydney aquarium
The tiny jelly fish were so cute. They shine a coloured light on them to make them glow.
Stingray Sydney aquarium
This giant stingray was doing laps overheard. So cute, yet so frightening
 at the same time!
Dale at eat love pizza
The gorgeous man that will soon be my Husband! So handsome!
Black and white Sunny
Eating lunch at Eat.Love.Pizza... we needed sustenance to deal with all the screaming kids!
They had a sign saying "see if you can find the stonefish in this tank" so I had to post this picture to prove I am as capable as a 10 year old child haha.
Dale and the dugong
Dale gets up close & personal with a stuffed dugong toy. We both kinda wish we knew some kids we could buy it for because it was super cute!

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Jackie Birch said...

Buy it anyway, you don't need kids :)