Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Sketchers GoWalk & GoRun Ride Review

A few months ago I realised that by the end of the work day my feet were absolutely killing me. There was nothing better than getting home and putting on my slippers (that sweet, sweet arch support!) I was fairly certain this happened because I buy cheaper flats that have zero cushioning - but in my defence, they are ridiculously cute. It wasn't so bad when I was just walking from my home to the train station (literally across the road) but when I was walking from Dale's house to his closest train station I was adding an extra 15 minute walk each way. And my high arches did not like it one little bit.


So, much to my dislike, I set about looking for some kind of either orthopaedic work shoe or a tennis shoe that I could wear to and from work that wasn't totally heinous. I asked around and eventually went to check out Sketchers. My only experience with Sketchers was the Christina Aguilera ads in magazines when I was a teenager & she was still considered super wholesome. But I did like the look of the Sketchers store that I passed every day on my way to work – their motto seemed to be “we make our shoes in every colour of the rainbow”…and I'm totally into rainbows.


I walked into the store and fell in love with about 6 different pairs of sneakers (none of them appropriate for walking to work dressed in my semi-professional clothes). I explained my problem to the sales assistant who sat me down and brought out a few pairs for me to try on. I ended up tossing a coin between two different styles - the more casual 'GoWalk' range (which I could wear on the weekends) and the business style shoe 'Inspired'. Eventually I chose the 'GoWalk' shoe as the 'Inspired' was just not my style and wouldn't be a multi-function shoe for me - I really don’t like straps across my foot for some reason. Perhaps when I was a child I had some kind of close encounter of the foot-strap kind and blocked out all memories of it…. But more likely they just make my legs look short.


Since buying the GoWalk shoes (in red) I've noticed a massive difference. I wear them to and from work and just change my shoes once I get there. My feet don’t hurt at all anymore. They get the proper arch support they need and the soles are super padded so walking feels great. I've washed them about 4 times - just throwing them in the washing machine on a slow spin cycle then letting them air dry without any problems. I'm actually planning on going back for a grey pair and a black pair! Whilst in Sketchers I also bought a pair of blue & orange 'GoRun Ride' sneakers which are absolute heaven - better than the Puma or Nike sneakers I've had before. They have way more padding & are really soft and flexible. I find them perfect for running & all my other everyday activities.

The verdict – I'm sold. I will definitely be buying more sketchers in the future. They aren't super cheap, I bought my GoRun Ride’s for about $130AUD and my GoWalk’s for about $90, but I feel like they are worth the investment. They would be perfect for any kind of holiday where you would be walking around a lot - I plan on getting a couple more pairs for our honeymoon in New Zealand.

You can buy sketchers from any of their stores (check out their website) or I believe they are also sold through The Iconic.

Sketchers go walk
My GoWalk Sketchers after a few months of heavy wear - still lookin' good!

 Do you have a pair of sneakers/shoes you love that are oh-so comfy? Let me know in the comments! I'm always on the lookout for more shoes!

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