Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Original Diva Hair Extensions Review

Plus size Alice in wonderland
Wearing The One Piece at my Christmas party a couple of years ago. I was dressed as Alice in Wonderland.
I frequently get asked where my extensions are from so I thought I’d do a bit of an article about where I got them & my review of them. I bought my extensions from Original Diva which is a Sydney company (who also sell online).

Wearing The One Piece at my 23rd Birthday party (I since have a new set!) with Monique.
The One Piece: my main set of extensions is The One Piece. It is a half head of extensions all sewn together that you simply clip in the back of your head, pulling your hair through it. For me, this is the best option. It’s hard to mess up, you quickly adapt to the feel of it & it is quite thick (great for women like me with thin hair!). I buy the Platinum Blonde colour (although, I would describe it more as a light strawberry blonde colour rather than platinum) and get my hair toned to match at the hairdressers. Maintenance is easy, and as it is all in one piece its super easy to wash & store. No more searching for that lost extension piece!

My verdict: 8/10.
Would I buy again: Yes. Definitely.

Pink tip extensions

Pink tipped 2 clip inserts: When I visited their salon in Gladesville last year their (then) new dip-dyed 2 clip pieces caught my attention. I had thought about dying my hair a bright colour & this was a great way to try it out without the commitment. I bought 3 pieces and that was perfectly fine for my thin hair – however if you have thicker hair you will probably need more.

My verdict: 9/10.
Would I buy again: Yes.

Pink tip extensions lime green scarf
Wearing my dip-dye clip ins to work. I love the look of the pink tips poking out!
For more information on Original Diva & to buy their hair extensions visit their website!

Wearing The One Piece at my 23rd birthday party.

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