Friday, 8 November 2013

Hilah Cooking

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Um can we all just take a minute to appreciate how much I love Hilah? I discovered her cooking channel on Youtube about a month ago and I have literally watched every single one of her videos. But like, not in a stalker way….

For reasons unknown to me, I LOVE watching cooking shows. I guess it makes sense - I love eating food and I love cooking food so watching other people cook and eat food is kinda my jam.

Hilah is a texan woman who creates some amazing tex-mex meals. I love her quirky personality & the fact that she's so open & down to earth. I think she is Hilah-rious (see what I did there!) and the kind of person I would be friends with. Plus she has cute dogs. Who knows, maybe one day she'll come do a roadtrip cooking show in Australia!

If you havent already seen Hilahs videos - go check out her channel Hilah Cooking & her vlog channel Hilah Talking. You can also buy her cookbook (SERIOUSLY the best cook book for beginners!!) here.

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