Monday, 11 November 2013

Aussie Curves - Swimwear

Aussie Curves - Swimsuit. Plus size swimwear. Baku blue swimsuit bought from Mary Holland.

This week’s Aussie Curves challenge was one that caused a lot of discussion in the group. Plus size women & swimsuits are traditionally taboo – and the idea that these plus size women would take photos of themselves in the aforementioned swimsuits & then post them online is just downright confusing to some people! Surely these plus size women know their place is in a mumu indoors!

Well, times are changing & the Aussie Curves women are all about shaking it up. Anyone that wants to make me feel bad for looking fantastic can take their opinion and shove it, because it’s my body & I’ll do what I like with it! To show just how much I love wearing swimsuits as a plus size woman, I'm going to do 3 posts this week of swimsuits & how I style them.

Aussie Curves - Swimsuit. Plus size swimwear. Baku blue swimsuit.

Today starts with my newest (and most favourite!) swimsuit – an underwired one piece from Baku that I purchased at Mary Holland. The biggest obstacle for me when it comes to swimsuits is not my size, but the size of my bust. I'm a G cup and since they’re real they don’t sit up nice & perky like in the movies. Those bad boys need support at all times.

Aussie curves swimsuit baku

I was actually bra shopping for the first time in a couple of years (I know, I'm terrible) and the delightful ladies at Mary Holland in Chatswood were sorting me out. The store manager and I were talking (and she was lightly chastising me for not wearing the right size bra...) and she asked if I had any underwire swimsuits. I told her I had an underwire bikini but it was a DD, and therefore a billion sizes too small for my boobs. She then brought this baby into the change room, saying she thought it would suit my colouring really well – and ladies, I've been in love with it ever since.

Aussie Curves - Swimsuit. Plus size swimwear. Baku blue swimsuit.

It is such a comfortable swimsuit. The ruching on the tummy makes me look far smoother than I am and the straps can be used as a halter or shoulder straps. And um, did I mention the cleavage? It’s pretty good. The swimsuit set me back about $160 but it was worth it – I feel 100% gorgeous every time I take my beach maxi off!

Aussie Curves - Swimsuit. Plus size swimwear. Baku blue swimsuit styling.
Aussie Curves - Swimsuit. Plus size swimwear. Baku blue swimsuit, target shorts & kmart cardigan. Perfect beach or poolside attire!

Styling this swimsuit for me was just about covering up the places I usually burn first – my arms, back & shoulders. I threw on my super light Kmart cardigan ($15 - loving this coral colour at the moment) and my new Target floral short shorts. I was surprised the shorts fit me as denim and I don’t really get along, but these were quite big for an 18 – definitely worth the $30! - buy them here. I'm looking forward to seeing how all the other Aussie Curves women style their swimwear!


Wendygai said...

Smokin hot Sunny, you look gorgeous that swimsuit is beautiful!

Rach aka stinkb0mb said...

You look gorgeous and yes, that colour really suits you x

Lisa said...

That swimsuit looks amazing on you. I need some new bras, so a trip to Mary Holland might be order! Do they do fittings?

SpijkerKat said...

you look beautiful! love this suit on you!

yELLE Styling said...

I love love love love that swimsuit on you Sunny!

Sunny said...

They sure do Lisa!

MaowMiaow said...

=^● ⋏ ●^= stunning! absolutely beautiful bathers on a beautiful woman.

Blonde Ink said...

Damn you look HOT!!!

Sophie said...

So gorgeous and feminine. And your body looks amazing!

CurvySam said...

Looks great! I bought this in the tankini four years ago and it has lasted forever. So flattering on the boobs too.

Meagan Kerr said...

This looks amazing, I love the cut!


Melissa {Suger} said...

Woot woo! The purple is fba and those shorts are awesome.