Monday, 18 November 2013

Aussie Curves – Black & White

Tshirt 1
Ro & I visiting our grandfathers grave.
This week is another flash back outfit, which is probably a good thing seeing as we are experiencing extreme wet weather at the moment (would you believe it’s almost summer here?!).

I wore this outfit a couple of years ago when I spent the weekend visiting my cousin Rohan. Ro is originally from Queensland but had come down to New South Wales for university. His share house was about 2 hours on the train from my place so it really felt like a weekend away!

Tshirt 4
Darren Webber would look GREAT with a handle bar mo!
We had a great weekend, I met some of his friends & his then girlfriend, he hosted a party, we did some light-hearted vandalism (of leftover campaign posters that the organisers never took down) we even popped in to see my Dad (Ro’s uncle) as he lived fairly close. Whilst I love being engaged & living with Dale, it is fun to remember my days of gallivanting around wherever I felt like it – not needing to explain anything to anyone! There is a certain amount of thrill in just picking up & going somewhere on a whim!

Tshirt 2

What I wore: Black jeans from Glassons, Black military style boots from NOVO, Black cardigan from Supre, Snood from Glassons. I've mentioned before how much I loved my grey snood from Glassons, but every time I see a picture I pine for it! *sigh* oh the loss of great clothing.....

Tshirt 3
Left to Right - Rohan, Josh, Me & Shillayne

It was a really fun weekend & such fond memories! Anyway, that's all from me today - I'm off to make some hot chocolate to combat my freezing fingertips! If you want more plus size fashion goodness, have a look at what all the other lovely ladies are wearing this week! 


SpijkerKat said...

Love the vandalism :P
That snood is awesome, no wonder you pine for it

Sparkles and Lace said...

hehehe cute vandalism. Looks like you had a great time!

Alex said...

Aw, I LOVE that Snood!

Melissa {Suger} said...

Haha. It LOOKS like fun. Loving the photos. Thanks for sharing them with us. Gorgeous.