Thursday, 17 October 2013

Tres Leches Iced Coffee

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I love tres leches cake so much that I even made it for my engagement party cake. For me, it is the right amount of sweet and moist. Plus dairy is totally my homeboy. It’s my favourite food group by a long shot – god help everyone I know if I ever become lactose intolerant.

For my birthday last week I decided to try making tres leches cupcakes. I made some vanilla cupcakes, poked holes in the top with a skewer and then spooned some tres leches mixture over the top (about 2 tablespoons each cupcake). Long story short – they were delicious. But I had loads of tres leches mixture left over.

This time I made my tres leches mixture using a can of condensed milk, a can of evaporated milk and a can of coconut milk. The coconut milk was an amazing idea, probably my best idea of the year. It gave the cupcakes that summery taste that is just so damn tasty. So naturally I couldn't let the extra liquid go to waste!

I put the liquid in an airtight container and popped it in the fridge. For the next couple of days we experimented with it. We used it instead of regular milk in tea & coffee (which was freaking great!), we spooned some over pie (just as yummy) but my favourite was using it in an iced coffee. Because the mixture is slightly thicker than milk, you can fill you whole damn cup up with coffee shots (that’s what Dale did, because he is a coffee freak) let it cool and then just add a dash of milk mixture. Or, if you’re like me you can just put a shot of coffee in your glass, add a handful of ice & top with the sweet milky goodness. My mix was probably ¼ coffee, ¾ milk mixture, but the ice also watered it down as I like my coffee weak.

Next time you make a tres leches cake and you have left over milk mixture – try it! You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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