Monday, 28 October 2013

The Switch to Almond Milk


Dale, my partner, is a scientist. And every now and then he comes home and tells me how bad something is like peanuts, or Botox (lucky, because I hate needles) or breathing. This is a fairly common occurrence in our house – it is the price you pay for loving a scientist. This week Dale came home to tell me how horrific cholesterol is. He walked in the front door and declared “I’m never eating egg yolks ever again”. Now, whilst I am all for living a healthy lifestyle, I LOVE EGG YOLKS! All orange and delicious, looking up at me with that sexy wobble of a perfectly cooked poached egg… how could I just cast them aside so willy-nilly? So I started looking at other ways to cut cholesterol.

Milk seemed to be a high cholesterol product we could kick from our lives without much trouble (even though I find it SO delicious!) so we started looking for substitutes. Dale has milk over his muesli in the mornings & I like milk in my coffee so it would have to be something that we liked the taste of. We both didn't like soy milk (aka liquid cardboard) and weren't keen on rice milk either. BUT we both liked almonds – so we gave Almond Milk a shot and BAM! we found our substitute. Plus, it has NO cholesterol.

Almond milk tastes nutty (for obvious reasons) – so it went really well with my coffee & Dale’s muesli. I tried it with a glass of milo (not so good) and cooking pancakes & chocolate pudding (both great). According to Wikipedia you can substitute almond milk for regular milk in any recipe without having to change the ratios – but personally I prefer it only in sweet things. In savoury foods like a white sauce I imagine it would have too strong of an almond flavour. We bought a few different brands & kinds (sweetened, unsweetened, unsweetened vanilla & chocolate) so once we get through those I’ll let you know which was best.

But what I really wanted to tell you about was the effects of the almond milk. As expected, we felt less bloated in the mornings – it’s only been a week and we already notice a massive difference on days we have milk (even in small quantities). But what surprised me was the effect on my skin. I read somewhere whilst doing research on almond milk that people found their skin cleared up a fair bit after cutting out milk. Apparently it helps get rid of acne, but like all things on the internet I took it with a grain of salt. So colour me surprised when I noticed the weird semi-pimple rash thingy I’d had on my cheek (like a group of small headless pimples) cleared up after a couple of days. Then – on the day I had milk again – it flared back up. Obviously I must be intolerant or allergic to milk, because to me that seems like a drastic turn around.

Anyway I just wanted to jump on and let you know about it – in case any of you guys want to try it out! If you have the same reaction as me I’d love to hear about it, to see if it’s just me or actually a thing… but give it a shot! It is much healthier than regular milk, so no harm in trying it out!

For those in Australia, you can buy almond milk in the long life milk section of your supermarket, and we also found it in Aldi.

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