Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Navabi Curvy Blog Award

Last years winner - Tanesha
Hey y’all. I've been nominated for the Navabi Curvy Blog Award! Winning would be one heck of a long shot, but I just love the message they’re putting out.

The Curvy Blog Award was started because in the fashion community there is a massive imbalance of regular vs. curvy blogs – and with most women being over a size 12 these days that spells nothing but self-hate for a lot of women.

And I know that feeling… When you see an outfit you would die to have only to realise it doesn't go up to your size. Sure – it can spur you to want to live a healthy lifestyle and shed a few pounds, but it would be pretty impossible for me to shed those pounds by the time the outfit arrives in my mail box. And for a plus size woman, this doesn't just happen once – this is a common occurrence. Imagine feeling that way EVERY DAMN WEEK. It’s pretty awful to be in the situation where you love yourself, but it seems the stores do not.

This is why as a community we need role models of every shape & size – so that young girls can still say “I’d love to have legs like hers” but know that it is perfectly OK to not have them. This is part of the reason The Life of Sunny became a plus size fashion positive blog instead of just a collection of my absent ramblings. A couple things spurred me on – one was my youngest (and very skinny) sister dieting at 15. Like seriously, FIFTEEN is too young to diet if you are in a healthy weight range. Nothing I said would change her mind that she was a perfect weight and she was so scared of becoming ‘fat’ that she abandoned the idea of being healthy.

Secondly, I joined the Aussie Curves group and discovered this world of online retailers I’d never seen before. It was like seeing the sun for the first time. How had I never heard of these amazing plus size retailers? Why hadn't anyone told me before? My world (and wallet) opened up in a way I had been denied for years.

I live on the edge of regular sizing – If a store goes up to an AU/UK 18 then I can buy from them, but a lot don’t - and as a woman who loves tight clothing, I'm not satisfied with a mumu. So after joining the Aussie Curves Facebook group I made a decision to transition a lot of my writing to plus size fashion at affordable (and sometimes unaffordable but very desirable) prices. I was certain that there were women like me who were dying for some plus size inspiration for their closets – and it turns out I was right. Readers came in droves simply to see what I was wearing & find where they could buy it for themselves. Suddenly there was this community who shared my problems with clothing and my desire for all the beautiful things I see my friends wear. In the last few months my content & schedule have changed dramatically, but I love it. I love having the opportunity to help out the plus size revolution – where we accept and love ourselves, regardless of what anyone else thinks!

If you would like to vote for me in the Navabi Curvy Blog Award, please do so here! You can also click the Navabi logo under my profile picture in the sidebar.

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