Tuesday, 15 October 2013

My Birthday – ARIA & ‘A Murder Is Announced’

Because I started a little late, I'm going to be posting my catch up Aussie Curves posts as I go. A few of them are flash backs and some are going to be put up as I wear them. This catch up post is one that only just happened and it’s for the ‘Celebrate’ week.

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Pre-dinner martinis at ARIA

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and my lovely fiancée Dale took me to ARIA for dinner and then to the play ‘A Murder is Announced’. I'm a MASSIVE Agatha Christie fan but I've never seen any of her plays so this was just amazing. The actors were perfection and the costumes made me gush!

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What I wore: Red City Chic skater dress, a black cardigan with tiny gold studs all over it from Target, ASOS Curve spike belt, gold clutch from Colette Hayman, faux suspender stockings by ASOS Curve, my engagement ring, nail polish by OPI (Big Apple Red). Not pictured: gold star earrings from Colette Hayman and black heels from Wittner. For such a big occasion (I turned 26!) I knew that red was the only colour to go with – Dale loves when I wear red so it was a no brainer. Plus, black and red felt like a good combo for a murder mystery play!

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A shot of my faux suspender stockings in the car - they're just so sexy!!!
We started our night at the breathtaking ARIA restaurant opposite the Sydney Opera House. It was the perfect setting – we saw the sun set over the city and all the twinkling lights come on. I really do love my city!
What I ate: Entrée – beetroot salad of pickled and baked beetroots with goats curd, radish and green apple, Main – roasted Holmbrae chicken stuffed with sage, onion and brioche, tarragon chipolatas and truffled pearl barley (plus a side of their amazing truffled potato mash), Dessert – Watermelon with white chocolate and feta sorbet. Every single bite from the time we arrived was impossibly delicious. I am always lost for words when trying to describe how much I adore it.

What we drank: Dale stuck with his favourite (a Gin martini with olives) and I tried the apple vodka martini and the passionfruit vodka martini – both totally yummy!

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Walking along the streets of Walsh Bay
We caught a taxi over to The Rocks for the play and had a lovely walk along the streets. When we arrived at the theatre we grabbed some drinks and hung around the bar area for 20 minutes or so. It was nice to have a moment to look around the beautiful theatre and read all the plaques on the walls. We even made friends with one of the staff members and the upgraded us to front centre seats! It was absolutely wonderful. Like I said, the play was fantastic. We both loved it and are definitely keen to see another one of her works.

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Dale ordering our drinks at Sydney Theatre, just before the show starts.
So that is my round up of birthday fun (we also went on a bit of a picnic with my family, but I'll post that later!). Needless to say we had a fantastic time! Nights like these show us how much we love our decision to be child free - the idea that we could do this every weekend for the rest of our lives makes us blissfully happy. Not to mention being able to sleep in the next day haha. Coming from a large family, the ability to sleep in is one that I cherish greatly!

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That wraps it up for my Celebrate Aussie Curves post - I hope you liked it!

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