Sunday, 20 October 2013

My 26th Birthday

In September I turned 26. And that makes me REALLY happy. As a teenager, I always wanted to be a 20-something woman. Living out of home, having a career and drinking in bars with friends seemed like the most fabulous thing to do with your life. And it totally is… well, it is for me anyway!

25 was everything I could have wanted from a year. It started with a bang when I got engaged at Christmas to my best friend. You have to admit, that’s a pretty exciting way to start a year! We had an amazing engagement party, moved in together & spent loads of time with family and friends. It was an absolute stunner of a year.

So why am I excited about 26? Because I really like getting older. I have no idea why, and I realise it’s completely different from all the other women I know. But I just love getting older. To me another year means more experiences, meeting more people, going to new places and being one step closer to my future. I find the whole thing exhilarating.

Birthday at Brooklyn

Anyway, enough about my joy at ageing. This birthday was spent doing a couple of things. On my actual birthday we drive down to Brooklyn for some delicious take away lunch that we ate sitting on the grass by the river. We watched the pelicans fly over and even stood about 2 meters from them! Those pelicans are huge mother fuckers! They stood as tall as my shoulders and their beaks are massive. We got to about 2 meters near them before this chubby Jack Russell dog ran at them (which was quite hilarious because he was pretty small and couldn’t run very fast – I was a bit worried he’d end up in their beaks!) and they thought “screw this” and flew onto the water.

Birthday bowling

My sister Bree and I share a birthday month so we also did a joint family thing at AMF Bowling, which would have been perfect if they hadn't shut the cafĂ© at like 6pm on a Saturday night for no reason! I was totally looking forward to hot dogs and onion rings lane-side. But it was definitely a fun all-ages night. It is abundantly clear that I suck at bowling, but hey – co-ordination is not necessarily my strength anyway. 

So that wraps up another birthday! Next year we are thinking of going away for a week/weekend for our birthdays so I am eagerly awaiting that new adventure! 

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