Saturday, 12 October 2013

Hornsby Westfield Fashion VIP Night

Left: Trend - all white, Jeans - Jeans West ($69.95), Shirt - Portmans ($69.95), Necklace - Portmans ($39.95), Clutch - Target ($20), Belt - Portmans ($19.95 set of three), Shoes - NOVO ($79.95). Total outfit cost - $299.75.
Right: Trend - double denim, Shirt - Target ($39), Jeans - Just Jeans ($79.95), Heels - Diana Ferrari ($139.95), Necklace - Colette Hayman ($16.95), Ring - Target ($15), Clutch - Target ($30). Total outfit cost - $320.85.

Two weeks ago I was very excited to be invited to the Hornsby Westfield Fashion VIP night. We live pretty local and we visit that Westfield quite often so heading there on a Thursday night is a pretty regular occurrence for me!

As we arrived we were greeted by two lovely Westfield ladies who marked us off the list and gave us our show bags (did I mention I LOVE show bags?!). The fashion show didn't start for another half hour so whilst a wonderful jazz band played we were ushered over to the bar for some free champagne. The boys behind the bar looked very smart in their bow-ties and it’s pretty hard for me to not be wildly excited about free champagne! We each grabbed a drink and settled into our front row seats to have a look in our show bags. They held an issue of Cleo magazine, a Seafolly sarong, some awesome coupons for Westfield fashion stores, beauty samples (including a Nivea vanilla and macadamia lip balm I adore – and some blister shields which I desperately needed a couple days later!), a rain poncho from Glue and a bunch of other samples and promos from retailers.
Left: Trend - colour blocking, Top - Diana Ferrari ($79.95), Blazer - Dotti ($79.95), Pants - Diana Ferrari ($109.95),
Necklace - Autograph ($24.95), Clutch - Bag & Baggage ($56.95), Shoes - Sheriton Shoes ($169.95), Ring - Colette Hayman ($8.95). Total outfit cost - $530.65
Right: Trend - modern tailoring, Top - Diana Ferrari ($79.95), Blazer - Portmans ($99.95), Pants - Portmans ($89.95), Clutch - Country Road ($49.95),  Sunglasses - General Pants ($69.95), Shoes - Jo Mercer ($149.95),
Ring - Colette Hayman ($9.95). Total outfit cost - $643.70
The first show – Cleo Summer Master Class – started with two lovely Cleo fashion editors walking us through their favourite looks for Spring/Summer. My favourite part was that all of the clothes came from Westfield and that we were given a run sheet of every item and where to buy it (copycat wardrobe coming soon to my closet!!). The trends modelled were colour blocking, all-white (alas, other than my wedding day I don’t think I will be terribly good at pulling this one off!), modern tailoring, prints and double denim. The models looked fabulous, were super friendly and the presenters really explained each outfit and why it works. They also covered ways you could recreate the look subtly if you weren't game to go head-to-toe which I found super helpful, because let’s face it – we can’t all afford to run out and buy everything we saw right away.
Left: Body type/trend - Inverted triangle/White, Jacket - Review at Myer ($199.95), Top - Diana Ferrari ($69.95),
Jeans - Sportscraft ($139.95), Shoes - Sheriton Shoes ($199.95), Bag - Blue Illusion ($139.95),
Necklace - Sussan ($24.95), Total outfit cost - $764.70
Right: Body type/trend - Pear/Spring Racing, Dress - Review at Myer ($279.95), Cardigan - Review at Myer ($129.95), Fascinator - Target ($40), Shoes - NOVO ($69.95), Clutch - Bag & Baggage ($89.95),
Ring - Target ($10). Total Outfit cost - $619.80
Once the lovely Cleo fashion editors were finished the bartenders came around to top up everybody’s drinks and we were directed to the beauty bars which offered free manicures, free threading and hair treatments. I snagged a Kerastase sample box because I love their ciment thermique.

The second show, hosted by Josie McManus, was dedicated to dressing for your body type. They had five models, one of each body type - pear, inverted triangle, hour glass, apple and rectangle – and they showed a spring racing and a white trend outfit for each type.  It was great seeing clothes on a model that you could literally walk 100 metres to try on and buy. It’s like the ultimate in instant fashion gratification!!

What always strikes me about fashion shows is that the way the clothes are brought together make them look so timeless and chic. This show especially had a way of making reasonably priced clothing look so expensive and well-tailored that you would never suspect their actual cost! The accessories were perfect and I was just in awe of these stylists who can pull something together so beautifully.

Left: Body type/trend - Hour glass/Spring Racing, Dress - Cue at Myer ($299),
Fascinator - Target ($40), Ring - Colette Hayman ($8.95), Clutch - Colette Hayman ($29.95),
Shoes - Diana Ferrari ($129.95). Total outfit cost - $507.85.
Right: Body type/trend - Hour glass/White, Dress - Portmans ($89.95), Shoes - NOVO ($69.95), Clutch - Colette Hayman ($24.95), Necklace - Colette Hayman ($14.95). Total outfit cost - $199.80.
If you would like to find out about all the events happening at your local Westfield shopping centre, be sure to visit their website and sign up for their newsletter. They run these kind of fashion events fairly regularly, you simply need to register your name for the event you want!

Plus, because I know you'll be loving some of these pieces as much as I am - here are the links to the retailers shown on the models: Portmans, Target, Jeanwest, Just Jeans, NOVO, Diana Ferrari, Colette Hayman, Dotti, Sheriton Shoes, Autograph, Bag & Baggage, Country Road, General Pants, Jo Mercer, Review at Myer, Sportscraft, Blue Illusion, Sussan, Cue at Myer. Enjoy!

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