Saturday, 26 October 2013

Easy Halloween Costume - Plus Size Witch


Today I'm bringing you another one of my previous Halloween outfits - perfect for the plus sized woman! (But obviously not limited to the plus size population!). This is my take on a sexy witch costume. I hate the witch’s hats you buy in stores, I have a funny shaped head, so this was my no-hat version. If you have a better shaped head than myself (which is probably very likely!) adding a pointy witch’s hat would be perfect.


Here is how I created my ‘Sexy Witch’ costume:

Dress – I wore a low cut black cocktail dress which made this outfit less ‘costumey’ and more ‘influenced’ – I think I bought this dress from Valley Girl about 4 years ago for something ridiculous like $10 in a sale. I was going on a Halloween harbour cruise with friends, so I didn’t want to be too dressed up. I also wore a red lacy bra underneath which showed a lot. What can I say, any opportunity to get my goodies out!

Jacket – I wore a cropped jacket from Target and fastened it with an antique brooch. Any kind of cropped black jacket would work.

Gloves – Black elbow length gloves are about $2 from the dollar store. They make the outfit much more like a costume. I also added some black faux claws for the beginning of the night, but they quickly got annoying!

Broomstick – I bought a broomstick riding crop from a sexy shop (I know, hardly something you pop into ask about) but you could buy a stick and tie some straw onto the end. You could also just buy a cheap authentic looking full sized broom (Asian grocers sometimes have fantastically rustic ones) and carry that with you. I also carried a candy bucket for trick-or-treaters!

Shoes – I wore some sky-high black heels.


Face paint – So, the main aspect of this costume is the body art. It is what kind of seals the deal as a ‘costume’. Here’s how I did it:

1. Cobwebs – apply your eyeliner as you normally would for a party. Then using black liquid eyeliner, starting from the end of your lined eye, draw three lines from your eye to your hair line, spacing them out so that you have the start of your cobwebs. In the same way, add two more lines (one on either side) that don’t reach as far out and don’t meet with your hairline.  Connect these lines with curved spider lines going in the opposite direction. You should end up with a sort of half-mask design on each eye/temple area. I also added a long tail on the inside of my eyes going down the outside of my nose.


2. Spiders – Using the same liquid eyeliner, draw spiders all over your chest & neck. You can even draw a couple on your face like I did – or be really artistic and draw them on the spider webs around your eyes. If you aren’t sure how to draw spiders, I just made mine dots with tiny heads and long legs. If you want real staying power dust your eyeliner body art with translucent powder.

Voila! You are now a sexy witch! Have a great Halloween guys :)

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