Friday, 25 October 2013

Easy Halloween Costume - Plus Size Pirate

Pirate costume Halloween

Halloween is a mixed bag for me. These days it seems to be an excuse for women to dress provocatively - which I'm totally in for, who doesn't love an excuse to dress like a sexy minx! - but the stores provide little help for the plus sized woman, unless you have an unlimited budget. You are left deciding between sexy sailor and sexy firewoman - but neither really cover the parts you’re self-conscious about. It can be very disheartening! I still find the best way to dress up provocatively, but stay within your comfort zone, is to DIY a costume. I know it can be annoying to have to make your own costume, but over the next few days I'm going to show you my previous costumes & how I made them. They are ridiculously simple DIY jobs, and are super easy. Let’s start with the most complicated - a pirate!

What you'll need: A white oversized business shirt (I bought a cheap large men’s business shirt from Target), a cheap red t-shirt, black tights or pants (I wore thin tights because it was summer), a brown belt big enough to fit around your hips (again, I bought a men’s belt from target), a permanent marker, a pirate hat (I bought a jack sparrow wig/hat combo from a party store), pirate accessories (sword, eye patch, shoulder parrot, pirate tattoos etc - all bought from dollar stores or kids toy stores for cheap), scissors.

Pirate costume 3

To make your pirate vest:

1. Lay the red t-shirt out flat. Cut off the sleeves.

2. Cut down the middle of the shirt from collar to hem, along the front centre (where the buttons would be if it were a business shirt).

3. Put the vest on and mark with a permanent marker how low you want the neckline to be. I wanted my costume to show my chest off so I drew a big U shape from shoulder to shoulder. Cut off the excess neck line fabric. Remember - this is just a costume so it doesn’t have to be perfect or very straight. The more rugged it is, the more authentic it looks.

4. Cut the bottom of the shirt off to make it a sort of 'cropped' vest. You want it at least short enough to show off your brown belt.

5. On the back of the vest draw a skull & crossbones design using your permanent marker and write your pirate name! (Mine was Scurvy Sunny). You can find heaps of pictures online to copy if ou are artistically challenged like myself!

With the excess fabric from my sleeves & the bottom of my shirt I made a 'booty bag' which was a change purse filled with chocolate gold coins.

Pirate costume 1

To assemble your pirate costume:

1. Put on your black tights. Mine had ties at the bottoms but you could wear them plain, or sew on your own ties.

2. Put on your white shirt - I didn’t wear anything underneath (it was a damn hot day!) but you could wear a white singlet top below it if you were so inclined.

3. Put on your red vest - take the two bottom corners of the front opening and tie them together under your bust to create a cinched in waist and to frame your chest.

4. Tie your belt around your hips - you can either tuck your shirt into it or leave it half tucked. I chose half tucked. Place your pirate sword into your belt like a faux holster.

5. Accessorize! I bought a parrot that was attached to a loop of white elastic that I put around my arm - alternatively you could pin it on to your shirt or stick on a cardboard cut-out of a parrot.  I wore black flats, covered myself in pirate tattoos, placed my hair in a bun and wore my wig over the top. Oh - and don’t forget Jack Sparrow style eyeliner!

As you can see, it was a REALLY simple costume - but without the worry of being too short or showing too much arm! To change out of your 'costume' without bringing a whole new set of clothing - keep your tights on, add a singlet top then tie your white shirt in the front like you did with the red vest. Alternatively, you could put a statement belt around the waist of the white shirt & undo a few buttons. As captain planet said, the choice is yours!

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