Friday, 18 October 2013

Bandelettes Review (& Discount for readers!)

Do you know the worst thing about wearing a dress in summer? It’s the part where you have thighs that touch each other in the middle (the horrorrrr) and you get the most ungodly chaffing pain from walking around on a hot day without anything between them. For me, this only happens in summer. Every other month of the year I am A-OK with the skirt wearing. But if you live in a warmer climate than I do, you’re probably suffering this a lot more.

For years I've used little tricks to try to prevent what some call ‘chub rub’ - using runners gel between my thighs, wearing shorts under all skirts and dresses or even spraying my upper legs with antiperspirant. But the last thing I want to do on a hot day is put on another layer of clothing that might also create unsightly lines under my dress – and the gels and antiperspirant wear off eventually. But this year, I found a much better solution. Also, one that isn't totally awkward! It’s the amazing new must have item for the woman with touching thighs - Bandelettes!

What are Bandelettes?
Bandelettes are lace garters that cover the area of your thighs that rub together. They are basically the top part of thigh high stockings. They're kept up on your thighs all day by a lightweight rubber lining around the top and bottom.

How do they work?
Basically, they act as a barrier between your legs. You can move them to wherever you usually get your thighs rubbing together. They stay up all day (I only had to adjust when I went to the bathroom) and don’t get sweaty or loose after a few hours wear.

My honest opinion:
Ok, so cards on the table - I wore these whilst around the house to get used to them, then wore them to work on a very hot day. I have a desk job so it doesn’t involve a lot of walking. The only time they started to roll up or I felt like they were falling down was when I hadn’t placed them on the right spot on my thighs. But when placed properly they had great staying power. I feel like I would need to spend a whole day walking around briskly to give a completely accurate review for ladies that intend to wear them during full on days - but I really don’t have any situations in which I am walking around a hell of a lot AND wearing a dress... Maybe my wedding day will be the true test! My advice with sizing would be to size down if you are in-between sizes or very close to. They have some stretch to them. One big highlight is that your partner has to pretty much be completely blind not to find you ridiculously attractive in these. They are definitely a sexy solution to an awkward problem!

Would you buy them again?
Yep. 100% satisfaction was achieved for me. I already have the red & black pair and I’ll be buying a white pair for my wedding day for sure.

Where can I buy them?
You can buy your own pair (I bought 2 - black lace & red lace!) at the Bandelettes website. They are $14.99 each, and shipping is about $3 to Australia.

Because they are just SO nice, they are offering a discount to all The Life of Sunny readers! Simply use code ‘Sunny’ at the check out to receive 15% off this already affordable product!
How great do they look under shorts!? Perfect for adding those couple inches of length!
Do you own a pair of Bandelettes? Leave a comment and let me know what you think of your pair!

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the borg said...

oh my LORD! I just bought a pair of these last week or on the weekend after a discussion on Aussie Curves I'm so bummed I missed the discount! But maybe now I can buy...the nude and red and have an excuse :)

Hankette said...

What a great idea! I usually wear bike pants but as you said, on hot days an extra layer of clothing is torture!