Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Aussie Curves – Celebrity Copycat

Celebrity copycat seemed like it was going to be a difficult week on Aussie Curves. But luckily, I remembered my Sucker punch themed outfit from a year ago at Supanova (the pop culture expo).


If you haven’t seen Sucker Punch it’s about a young girl in a mental asylum. It’s set in a very steam-punk style era and combines a sad story with some kick ass fight scenes, some sexy costumes and great special effects. I liked it so much I bought the DVD! The styling is just so perfect.


So I decided to go for a Sucker Punch ‘theme’ for Supanova. Loads of people dress up for it, but I still wanted to be able to go out for dinner afterwards without standing out a mile. I had this rockabilly sailor girl dress in my closet and finished it with some stockings (it was winter), military style boots from NOVO, a plain black cardigan from Supre and a thick black belt from Kmart. The bag is my Cambridge Satchel Company satchel.

I couldn't find the original listing I bought the dress from on eBay (not surprising, its like a year or two old) but found a navy one here and a similar dress here.

Personally I think it worked fantastically! It had the ‘theme’ of the movie, but wasn’t totally fancy-dress style. Unknown to me, I also channelled Sarah Jane from Dr Who… total win.



SpijkerKat said...

Very cute! Would also be an awesome sailor moon costume!

Melissa {Suger} said...

Hubby and I are MASSIVE SuckerPunch fans. Love this. Great outfit and great choice.

Blonde Ink said...

So cute! :)