Friday, 23 August 2013

My Ikea Wishlist

Now that I am in the throws of moving home my brain is just buzzing with the six billion things i want to do to our new place (as renters, no knocking out walls for us haha). It has been furniture & artwork overload, and I love it!! Dale & I both agree that the new stuff we buy will be mostly from Ikea. The combo of well priced, decent quality & a HUGE range of styles is really our cup of tea. So here are my top Ikea picks - keep an eye on future posts to see which ones actually make it into the new house ;)

1. Fejka Artificial Potted Plant (grass) $7.99 - I'm loving the thought of grassy plants without the maintenance (I am a renowned plant killer).

2. Raskog Kitchen Trolley in Turquoise $79 - I love love love this trolley, but for reasons beyond me Dale absolutely hates it. So it's unlikely it will make the cut, but a girl can dream right?

3. Kardemumma Plant Pot in white $6.99 each - Loving the mix of textures. These would be perfect for growing herbs on a windowsill!

4. Cactaceae Potted Plant, assorted cactus $8.99 - I kinda have a thing for succulents and cacti right now...

5. Plastis Ice Cube Tray in Turquoise (fish!) $0.99 - COME ON! As if you don't want fish ice cubes in your summer cocktail! Its childish & cheesy all at the same time, so naturally i'm all over it.

6. Jordnot Hanging Planter in Pink $9.99 - Hanging planters seem to have somehow become vogue again, so i'm jumping on the bandwagon. Loving the pink & orange combo to bits.

7. Hektar Floor Lamp $79. The oversized lamp head looks like a desk lamp supersized. It is a real statement lamp as you are kind of taken aback at the size, yet it isn't too big. If that makes sense...

8. Ikea PS Vallo Watering Can $1.99 each - so cute!

9. Strandmon Footstool in Svanby grey - $149. I'm finding grey really sexy right now. Its so grown up & versatile that it makes my heart flutter. The Strandmon chair & ottoman combo was just so sophisticated it made us feel like real grown ups!

10. Strandmon Wing Chair in Svanby grey  - $399. It was actually Dale that pointed this one out. We saw it last time we were at Ikea & Dale made me go sit in it. It's slightly angled back and SUPER comfy. I was sold. We are actually thinking of buying two of these bad boys instead of buying a lounge... crazy or brilliant? I guess we'll find out soon enough!

I'll keep you posted on what goes in & what is left forlornly on the ikea showroom floor! Sunny xo.