Saturday, 9 March 2013

Jay Miranda

I have recently discovered Jay's blog & I'm already obsessed! Jay Miranda is a plus size girl like myself who runs the blog Her blog is fashioned based but occasionally has a story or two about her life or travels.

One of the main things I adore about her blog is the way she promotes a positive attitude to the body you're in. So many bigger women find it endlessly difficult to feel comfortable in their own skin. Plus size fashion blogs are strongly leading the 'love yourself' revolution by showing curvy women that there are so many fashionable options out there & they needn't cost the same as your weekly rent.

I especially love that she links all her clothes back to the stores (usually online) that she bought them from. It's opened up a whole new world of Internet shopping for me! Haha.

Lets face it, not all bodies are created equal. Some of us are tall, short, thin, curvy, busty or flat chested. Some of us are pale as a sheet (like yours truely) or are blessed with darker skin. But lucky for ALL of us, variety is the spice of life & it's what keeps things interesting!

If you are a voluptuous woman like me, I highly recommend checking out her blog!! I know that I will be a regular visitor from now on! Sunny xo.


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