Monday, 4 March 2013

I Heart ASOS

Ok, I understand that I may be like a billion years behind everyone else - but I just discovered ASOS. They have a majorly fabulous curvy section that I have been trawling for the last week. What is extra awesome is the fact that you get FREE SHIPPING worldwide. Did you just squeal then? Because I know I did. But then again, I'm easily excited....

Back on topic - I have already bought a few things (on SALE!!) and are eagerly awaiting their arrival. Unfortunately 3 of the belts I wanted we're only available in the size above me, but belts are easy & cheap to alter here so I'll just take them down to the local shoe repair store.

I'm considering doing some 'outfit of the day' pictures (inspired by Jay Miranda, but more on her later in the week!) so I might put up some pictures of a couple of the dresses I ordered for you. Sunny xo.


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