Friday, 22 February 2013

Korean Pancakes, Chatswood

Ok, so I walked past this tiny place like a billion times before I actually went and tried it out. The little shop in Orchard Arcade (next to the 7/11 by the station) used to be a kebab shop, before becoming a kebab & Korean pancake shop & now just a Korean pancake shop!

It seems to be run by an older couple who make & cook the pancakes and huge $1 donuts. So far I have tried the beef & cheese pancake ($3.50) and the sweet pancake ($2.50). Can I just say - ZOMG SO GOOD!!!

The crispy pastry/bready outsides and the savoury meaty (or sweet sugar/sesame) insides make me want to commence living off these babies for good.

The pancakes are big - one is enough for me- and they are made to order in front of you. All i can say is Korean pancakes are my new 'I'm broke but hungry' lunch & I intend to eat about 500 of these in the next month. Ok, perhaps just 2 - but I'll be wishing it was 500... Sunny xx


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