Monday, 25 February 2013

Eat Love Pizza Review

So last Saturday we FINALLY got around to checking out Eat Love Pizza at Darling Harbour. We've walked past it so many times, but usually on our way to a different restaurant. The atmosphere is decent, it's screams pizza joint & the air smells like fresh baked bread.

We started with the Classic Tomato Bruschetta ($11) which was delicious. The warm baguette and balsamic tomatoes were tasty & fresh. Definitely something we would order again.

For Entree's Dale ordered the Garlic Tiger Prawns ($17) served with creamy polenta, burnt butter & pangratatto. I don't eat seafood, but Dale gave it a very enthusiastic thumbs up. I ordered the Arancini ($16.50) with telegio, Gorgonzola & Parmesan. Whilst I prefer my own arancini, these were still quite yummy & I would order them again. Like any good arancini they were crispy on the outside & creamy on the inside.

For Main's we ordered the Peking Duck Pizza ($26) with sesame seeds, sesame oil, chilli, shallots and orange. Delicious. A total winner. We also ordered the Zucca Pizza ($22) with roasted pumpkin, sage, Gorgonzola dolce, pine nuts & rocket. I was instantly sold on this one because I love the combination of pumpkin & pine nuts! It was a good tried & true mix of flavours & I really loved it. We also had the Rocket salad ($9) with caramelised walnuts, Parmesan & balsamic dressing which we both enjoyed.

For dessert we shared the Mixed Berry Jam Sundae ($16) and the Sweet Cinnamon Snails ($14). The sundae was pretty average, we wouldn't order it again but the cinnamon snails were absolutely delicious (especially with ice cream!!). We will be ordering them again for sure.

Overall, we liked it & will most likely be back! Sunny xo

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