Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Curry House Review (Thornleigh)

Our new favourite Indian place has recently become The Curry House in Thornleigh. We have been to some terrible ones lately and had pretty much assumed there weren’t any good Indian places to be found in our area but, when all seemed lost, a Google search for ‘good Indian restaurants’ turned up one gem – The Curry House.

We read all the rave reviews & decided to give it a shot. We are certainly glad we did give it a shot because it is now our favourite place to spend a relaxed Thursday night chowing down on morish food. The restaurant isn’t what one would call stylish, but what it lacks in atmosphere it makes up for in flavour.

Here are our thoughts/recommendations on the dishes we have tried so far:

  1. Burrah Kebab (marinated lamb chops cooked in the tandoor) $15.00 for 3 pieces. Can I just say, OH EM GEE. These are my all time new favourite thing. Deliciously spiced and cooked perfectly, we cant get enough of them.
  2. Chooza Tikka (boneless chicken marinated overnight & cooked in the tandoor) $9.50. This is Dale’s favourite too, the chicken pieces are so moist & flavourful, with a real tandoori hit.
  3. Samosa’s  (Short pastry pocket filled with spicy vegetable mixture) $5.00. These spicy pockets of veggies are a great way to start the meal. They have REAL zing (well, I am a bit of a sissy when it comes to spicy food, Dale had no problem with it whatsoever!).
  4. Seekh Kebab (chicken mince with spices & herbs cooked into a sausage shape) $9.50. These didn’t completely rock my boat, but they are filling and tasty.
If you like all of these – get the mixed entrée $11.50 which gets you one of each.

Mains & sides:
As Dale is a massive spice lover & I am the world’s biggest wimp when it comes to anything with heat, we tend to compromise on mains. Every time we go to The Curry House we order the Chicken Korma (chicken fillets cooked in a curry with yogurt and almonds) $ 14.90 which is ‘Mild’ but for me packs quite a punch.
We also chose to forgo rice & only order delicious naans – Garlic ($3.50 each) and a Paneer Kulcha (naan stuffed with cottage cheese and spices - $4.50). It makes for a gorgeous meal & we are always completely and utterly stuffed.

Corkage is $2 a head for BYO (pretty cheap for Sydney standards!) and we have never paid over $60.00 for the both of us – even when we buy extra drinks & lassies. This place is in our high rotation list & I urge you to give it a try! Sunny xx

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