Monday, 5 November 2012

Mini Milkshakes

I made these mini milkshakes for Brianna's 18th birthday party & they were LOVED by all. I mean, its a milkshake AND it's tiny!! What's not to love??

How to make your own mini milkshakes:

You'll  need: large shot glasses (I used plastic cups from the dollar store that were half way between a shot glass & a regular cup), paper straws, melting chocolate, sprinkles (100's & 1000's as they are called here), whipped cream from a can - you heard me - FROM A CAN!! and your favourite milkshake recipe.

We made our milkshakes by blending chocolate milk & vanilla ice cream together.


1. Place your melting chocolate in a microwave safe bowl & microwave in 30 second lots, stirring each time until you have a smooth consistency.
2. Place sprinkles in a bowl and set up your assembly line. Dip the rims of your cups into the chocolate then into the sprinkles. Place on a tray to harden either in the fridge or on a table - cold isn't necessary, but do whatever floats your boat.
3. Just before serving fill each cup with milkshake mixture & top with a swirl of whipped cream. You can whip your own cream for this, but its not necessary. Garnish with a paper straw (we cut ours in half to stay with the mini theme) and serve!

Be sure to serve these quickly though as the colours of the sprinkles will run if you don't! Sunny xx

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