Friday, 9 November 2012

DIY Heart Toothpicks

These DIY heart toothpicks are just so easy & you can make quite a lot of them whist watching TV. This batch was made during a couple episodes of Numbers (I'm mad about that show). I used them at Brianna's 18th to serve the snow balls - they really dress up what would be a rather dull plate!

What You'll Need: Toothpicks, craft glue, a heart (or any other shape you like!) hole punch & coloured cardboard. If you don't want glue everywhere I would also recommend laying down some grease proof paper.

1. Start by using your hole punch to cut out your hearts, you'll need two for each toothpick.
2. Place a blob of glue on a heart, then add the tooth pick & the top heart. Slightly press them together & lay flat on the grease proof paper.

Once dry, use them to skewer anything you desire. They also look frikkin adorable popped into cupcakes! If you buy store made toothpicks like this they will end up costing you WAY more than to make them yourself :) Sunny xx

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