Monday, 1 October 2012

DIY Easy Side Table Makeover

As I mentioned in my Doily Lantern DIY, I threw my sister Bree a Harry Potter themed 18th birthday party. As the main theme was ‘Yule Ball’ we were going for lots of white mixed with loads of candles & some great pumpkin & glass elements.

We spent many weekends sourcing furniture from op-shops and vintage stores to try get a really rustic look (wait till you see our awesome bar we found & re-painted!) but the down side of op-shops is that there is no stock guarantee so you never know if you will find 50 things you love or absolutely nothing!

To combat this, I had a good look at my own furniture. I have these 2 old bedside tables made of wrought iron & glass that have been sitting in my cupboard as impromptu shoe storage since I bought a new bedroom suite a year ago. I definitely had no great plans for these (my style has changed since the early 2000’s, surprise surprise) so decided to sacrifice them to the cause. We bought a can of white spray paint & went out to my parents back garden to have a play around.

We started spraying just the iron but decided it was probably safer to spray the glass as well to a) avoid people crashing into the table and b) stop us having to be so careful of getting paint on the glass (we were getting pretty sick of pussyfooting around!). So we sprayed away. Unfortunately our can deserted us after 1 coat on each table, but on inspection they really didn’t need a second coat. They look fantastic & were a great addition to the party furniture!

If you want to spray your own table (and keep it – unlike us who just wanted it for a night) I would recommend giving yours a good sand before you start. Go through with a second coat of paint & finish with a gloss sealer. It is so quick & such a great way to give new life to a dated piece of furniture!
Sunny xx

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