Tuesday, 25 September 2012

DIY Doily Lantern

These doily lanterns are fantastic night time decorations. I just threw my sister Bree a (very slightly) Harry Potter themed 18th (she’s calling it her Yule Ball) a couple weekends ago and we really rocked out the whole millions of candles theme with a lot of white amongst it to create a wintery cocktail theme. Yes, it all sounds a bit crazy now, but it was truly gorgeous!

When brainstorming ideas these doily lanterns popped instantly to mind as the doilies give the lantern a real ‘snowflake’ vibe. Plus, these have a really adorable vintage feel about them, which I am so in love with at the moment. Here’s how I made it:

What you’ll need: Paper doilies (we bought a pack of 20 from the asian dollar store for $1.50), a glass jar – we used an old coffee jar, some twine or white string, scissors, tea light or floating candle, double sided tape (optional).

How to make it: 1. Thoroughly clean and dry your jar. Once dry, lay your doilies along the side until you reach your preferred style – we only used two here because it was a small jar, but we had to use 3 or more on the bigger, wider jars.
2. Tie your string around the doilies. At this point it helps having someone to hold them while you tie! If you don’t want them to slip around, I would recommend you put a strip of double sided tape around the middle of the jar.
3. Tie your ends of string into a pretty bow then trim off the excess.
4. Pop in your tea light or fill with water & pop in your floating candle. If going the tea light option, I would recommend a little sand in the bottom for any that will be outside.

Enjoy your impromptu ambiance! Sunny xx

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