Saturday, 8 September 2012

August in Pictures

August has come & gone and it is FINALLY spring here in Australia! Goodbye cold nights & hello daylight savings (1 more month!! yay!!). The above is a collection of some of the trivial things that made me beam with pleasure last month, courtesy of my instagram obsession:

1. Endless supplies of strawberries coming down from Queensland - delicious & sweet & perfect for an afternoon snack!

2. My new favourite juice combo - Carrot, pineapple & orange juice.

3. Flowers from a co-worker happily sitting on my desk.

4. Chorizo & feta risotto, its crispy, tangy & creamy all at the same time.

5. Gavin's cauliflower soup that he made me for lunch.

6. Irises from the gorgeous Dale! Isn't he just perfect! *swoon*.

7. Fortune cookies from Johnny Wong's dumpling bar that don't actually give you a fortune!

8. Thursday night dates at The Curry House in Thornleigh.

Sunny xx

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