Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Asian Grocer Favourites!

I spend a fair amount of my time in Chatswood so I'm very familiar with the fantastic stuff you can buy in Asian grocery stores. Recently a new massive grocer opened up in what was previously a Dick Smith Electronics Warehouse (so its pretty frikkin huge). Ben & I were VERY keen to check it out after seeing it in the building stages for the last year. Anyway, here are my new Asian grocer favourites after my visit:

Different Fanta flavours! Whilst this probably doesn't surprise anyone living in other countries, in Australia we generally have original Fanta & red Fanta. Strawberry & Grape Fanta just about rocked my world!

Black sesame ice cream - If you haven't already given it a chance, do it now! Its deliciously nutty & a fantastic balance of sweet & savoury elements. In case you hadn't noticed - I'm  in love with black sesame ice cream!

One of the great things about Asian grocers is that they are really MUCH cheaper than the big supermarkets. If you're worried about the packaging not being in english, take someone with you who can read most of the packaging & your problem is solved! (Thanks Ben haha). Sunny xx

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